Thursday, 5 November 2009

Juggling Act

This last week has been total chaos to be honest, moving house combined with training and work has been a real struggle. Although I`m really pleased I`ve managed to get my training in more or less, although I have had to be quite flexible.
Missed my long ride on Saturday due to the move, but managed an hour on the bike on Monday which was supposed to be a rest day, even managed a 45 min run on Sunday after recovering from a bad hangover in the morning!! Went out with a few mates from work after the move on Saturday great night but I am SO not used to drinking and after only 3 or 4 drinks felt a little worse for wear !
Tues repeated last weeks session 30min bike followed by 15 min run.
Today I`m cycling to a bike fitting shop get some aerobars fitted and they`re going to check my posture on the bike etc. Since it`s about 30 mile round trip I`m going to make it my weeks long ride. Probably a good thing since my Mum and Dad are coming for a visit for a week or so tomorrow so st least I won`t be disappearing off for a long ride at the weekend.
Not sure if I`ll be posting much in the next week or two, my internet goes down tomorrow, until aol can connect me to my new address I`ll be connectionless.:-((.