Tuesday, 29 September 2009

achilles Issues

Just come back from physio, the good news seems my achilles problem isn`t anything too serious and there is no swelling and no inflammation so I`ve been told to run a little, stretch regularly and do one or two strength exercises, have another appointment next week so all in all pretty good news, I`ve decided that the half marathon at kenilworth this weekend is definitely out as long runs and hills weren`t really prescribed by my therapist!
So as from tomorrow training starts again in earnest tomorrow with swimming in the morning followed by 30min on the eliptical trainer( which I`ve been told is fine) and then 5km on the treadmill to finish, although the treatment was expensive today glad i went its reassured me I`m not falling apart and given me some guidelines what I can and can`t do. What I definitely don`t want to do is become lazy and stop training altogether just because I`ve got a niggle like I`ve tended to do in the past. So instead I`ve made a commitment to myself this evening to improve my swimming with the aim on doing a half ironman next year, the full I`ve decided will wait till the year after or even 2012, hopefully by then I will be able to afford a better bike and my body will be better conditioned for the distance, also my swim by then will be a lot better.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Ups and Downs!

Well its been over a week since the Nottingham half marathon, fantastic day all in all, really well organised and great atmosphere with lots of support through the whole race, the weather was good for running , not too warm a little windy but I`m glad I wasn`t doing the full marathon, the wind picked up loads later.
I gotta say I totally exceeded my own expectation with my performance with a huge PB of 1.26.55, almost 5 min faster than my last half back in 2004, especially pleasing since the course was pretty hilly. Still felt strong through the whole run and looking back reckon maybe I had a bit more left in the "tank".
After a day off on Monday, although unfortunately I had to go to work, decided to get out for slow 6 mile3r on Tues, disaster strikes!!, soreness in my achilles region within a few hundred yards of start. I went on to complete the run and tbh the last 3 or 4 miles felt fine. However it`s definitely felt tight and a bit sore since.
So I resigned myself to a week without running, I`ve still managed to get some biking in and the last three days managed to fit two good swim sessions in. The heel still feels sore though. Not really sure what to do now, I have another half in under two weeks time and I really want to run it. Had a good session on the Xtrainer today so may try that for the next week. If I can`t run then now is a good opportunity to improve my swimming for next years triathlon season. I`ve been neglecting it for far too long haven`t really been down the pool much since the rugby tri.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

pre race nerves!!

How ridiculous, an average 42 year old runner getting nervous before my half marathon tomorrow! but it`s true. Actually I`m really looking forward to it ..the Nottingham half marathon, my first in nearly 5 years, its the same venue as my first full marathon in 2004 so will be nice to go back. Apparently there were 11000 runners last year so should be good atmosphere. From what i remember its fairly flat and fast course so hopefully if i can dodge the throngs of people I may achieve a new PB, what I would love is a sub 1.30min but we`ll see how it goes..watch this space!! Pretty early start 10.am so being picked up by a m8 from work at 7.30 so will be have to be up at crack of dawn! Hopefully soon I will start feeling tired so I can get to bed and get a half decent nights sleep.
So race strategy?....well think I'm going to try to run an even paced race, I`m hoping the first couple of miles aren`t too slow cause of the crowds, by mile 8 if I can be averaging 6.45, then that will be nice , from there push on and hang on for that elusive sub 1.30....I know I know it`s not too scientific! Gonna take my race belt with me for my race number and then I can carry a couple of gels too, and I`ll rely on the aid stations for occasional cup of water , hopefully I`ll be fine up to the hour mark. Just picked up my gels from the post office this morning, I was at work when they were delivered so I have a nice big stock of SIS isotonic gels , definitely my favourite brand, tasty nice and thin ..not too gloopy and u don`t need to have water with them so all in all great product.
Well that`s about it for now, try and post tomorrow for race report.