Thursday, 31 December 2009

work, train, work, train

What a week! Definitely bad timing, 6 days working coinciding with my biggest week of training since i started IM training is not ideal.
However so far so good, feel really energized and the last two days I've managed a brick workout, comprising of a 2000m swim with 45 min bike(stationary) and a 20 min run, to be honest this wasn't really planned but the swimming pool is closed so much this time of the year, I've really got to squeeze the swim sessions in as and when i can. Felt pretty strong but I`m not sure wether it`s swallowing too much pool water bu always have a mild stomach upset after the swim especially when I have to workout afterwards as well.
My freestyle is coming on pretty well managed to swim the last 1400m of the 2000m completely front crawl technique still ropey but getting faster gradually i think.
Today finished work early, so afterwards went straight out to get my run in while the light held, great run but shins are still sore especially my left one, may do a long session on the eliptical trainer on Sunday and include some rowing just to give them a rest.
December has been a great month for training, my 2nd biggest of the year after august with about 40 hours training.
Well that`ll do for this post need to get to bed, work again tomorrow and the big 100km commute ooer I must be mad hopefully the snow will hold off tonight!
Her`s hoping you all have a fantastic new year and good health and prosperity in 2010 (oh and lot`s of Pb`s for the athletes ;-)) )

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Mixed bag

Dragged myself out of bed at 3.45am for an hour long early morning run..sounds a nightmare?. Not at all! I`m finding I`m starting to really enjoy my pre work runs . This one was especially nice, managed about 7 miles ok no records broken there, but had a great feeling throughout the run, definitely got into the "zone" where running seems effortless and thoughts wander. Only minor concern was my left shin which is definitely getting sore, good news is that the calf feels fine now and all the other aches and pains I`ve been suffering with felt fine also.
So the plan was to head to the pool after work to swim with my triathlon club, however after a very wet ride back from work found out the swim session had been canceled plan B was to head down to my gym and do a swim there. Well after 400m attendent came and told they were closing early because of the holiday period!! grrr I guess it just wasn`t to be. Well to top it off went out after a quick change into my bike gear and the rain had turned into a full scale blizzard, that may be a slight exaggeration, but I was pleased to get home!
Tomorrow is definitely a swim day now, no work so plenty of time also really have to get a bike /transition/run in. So another early night is on the cards...OMG I haven`t had so many early nights since primary school!

Monday, 28 December 2009

Pretty uneventful last couple of days training wise, had to work Sunday which was okay really as I`d done my long run and bike ride over Christmas day and boxing day. So just the commute to work and back. Total for the week was 8.5 hours training which is just about where i wanted to be.
However missed another swim session, come the New year it`s definitely one of my goals is to be far more consistent with my swimming, after all my swimming is not great.
This week biggest week so far on my training schedule 11 hours supposedly may have to juggle my swimming around a bit, I think the pool is closed over new year.
Sooo New years day planning a long ride to work , it`s worked out really well since it`s only a 10am-7pm shift so should get at least half of the ride done in daylight. I`ve actually entered Kelownagurls challenge 100km trainer ride so I feel its a bit of a cop out to be honest, I know how tough cycling is on the trainer. Was thinking of splitting the ride , but decided to just go the all out and do the lot before work, then with the ride back may total nearer to 110km.
I`m a little nervous of the weather forecast, snow is on the way just hope I can get out and do it.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing day run..Ouch

Another fine sunny cold day inspired me to get out for my planned long run, think I should have eaten more a couple of hours before I headed out, after 5 miles felt a bit weak but after a gel and a drink soon felt better. On the hour mark decided to turn round and head back was taking it really easy so estimated 13 miles would be a comfortable enough distance to cover in two hours. Suddenly felt a pain in my right calf, at first thought it was cramp so stopped for a minute and tried stretching it out. Well I did manage to run back and in fact did a negative split covering 14.25 miles in 2 hours and 1 minute. The calf continued to bother me on the way home but could run on it.
Stretched it well when I got home, but now feels pretty sore hopefully it will clear up quickly.
Couldn't get the right chain for my bike today so looks like it will have to wait till weds(next day off work) hopefully the weather will stay good and the roads clear, really don`t fancy negotiating icy roads on my road bike.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Morning gone wrong!

The 100km bike ride didn't quite happen today, after another cold night decided I didn't trust the roads 100%, so I`d use my touring/commuting bike. The chunky 26 inch wheels and fat tyres I decided would cope better with any ice that may be about. However I've had a couple of issues with the chain on it in the last couple of weeks and decided that I`d try and take a link out after the chain hopped off last week, well after much fiddling about with it this morning decided that I really needed a new chain so I put it back together.
Set off about 9.30am it was cloudy at first but soon the sun came out and I started to warm up ..ahh what a ride this was going to be! Then 11km from home....CLUNK!!...looked down and the chain was wrapped around the back sprocket..:-((. My attempt at home mechanics had horribly back fired on me, the chain was useless after 20 min of attempted roadside repairs gave up and decided I`d have to try and get home by hook or by crook. In retrospect I should be grateful the chain decided to die on me on km 11 and not km 50, even so with look style cleats and cycle shoes with absolutely no flex in them jogging back or even walking briskly back was not an option. In the end got back home with a combination of walking up the hills and freewheeling down, and on the flat sort of scootering along, pushing myself along with one leg!
Well finally arrive back home at 1pm, but hey wasn`t about to give up just yet, after phoning family to exchange Xmas greeting and crying over the phone about my misfortune..:-))) I headed back out on my road bike, the main roads were clear and the day was just too nice to waste all day indoors. The predicted 100k was no longer feasible, but after a fortunately uneventful 2nd outing ended up totalling 50k for the day.
Really glad I didn`t give up after my first attempt now, after all if I`m going to have any chance of completing my first Ironman then I`ve gotta learn to deal with a bit adversity. Hope you all had a great Christmas Day ..till later

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Better be Good!

Well on the premise that Santa Claus only visits if you`ve been good, I decided yesterday it was time to try and salvage my weeks training and head down the pool. Up till then hadn`t done a fat lot tbh. Further redemption today with an 8 mile run in the frozen wastelands of Warwickshire! Nice run shins a bit sore but eased off towards mile 5/6 .
Now here goes big plans for the next couple of days celebrating xmas day with 100k bike ride , may have to leave the road bike at home and take my tourer so it may take a while to complete..... big fat tyres and steel frame and sturdy steel rack it`s practically bombproof, the downside is it`s a little slow, but hey it`s all miles on the bike.
Boxing day(26th) aiming for a half marathon distance training run, hopefully somewhere in between have time to fit in a mince pie Xmas pudd and a glass of vino!!
Anyway folks .hope you have a great Christmas day Best wishes Dave

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snow has arrived, the UK comes to a standstill as usual..but not my training!

Mixed feelings about this weeks training, on the one hand I`ve missed a couple of sessions including my long bike ride and a swim, on the other hand I`ve actually managed over 10 hours training although a couple of those were easy efforts commuting to work. The weather has played a factor, winter has most definitely arrived in the UK snow and ice and sub zero temperatures have been the order of the week, it`s definitely helped sap my enthusiasm for long bike rides, although to be honest the country roads are treacherous. On the plus side my running mileage has topped 33 miles this week. Managed to run to work and back on thurs although nearly came a cropper on the ice once or twice! Did have very sore shins in the evening not sure why may have been the combination of a lot of pavement running and the extra weight of the rucksack I had to carry.
Fantastic long run this afternoon along the canal near where I live. It was very cold but the sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky, the path was a bit snowy but the mud had pretty much frozen so nice and dry underfoot. took it nice and steady running 9 min walking 1 min for a total of 1 hour 40 min covering nearly 12 miles. Shins felt pretty sore for the first 5 or 6 miles but seemed to get better the longer I ran. Felt pretty fresh even towards the end, the walk breaks definitely help keep the fatigue out of the legs.
Next week need to crack on with the swimming aiming for 3 sessions if I can, although may be difficult xmas eve xmas day and boxing day the gym is shut so if I`m going to fit them in need to cram them in at the beginning of the week.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Very quick post tonight, getting late and if I`ve got any chance of fitting in my run tomorrow need some sleep.
Very productive day off work today, managed to get my training inbetween shopping a very short haircut, and a bit of gardening. The weather has been really miserable wet, cold and gloomy! so didn`t bother taking the bike out. Instead headed down the gym and swam 2200m in sets of 200m with 1 min rests, mainly freestyle then changed and headed up to the gym where I did 45 min on the stationary bike (so boring!!) and then 15min on the treadmill kept the heart rate in Z2 ( moderate aerobic effort).
Somehow need to fit my core work into my routine as I`m slacking on it very badly.
Tempted to run to work tomorrow (4.75 mile each way) an easyish way of fitting in the training but we`ll see what the weather is like in the morning . Good night folks

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Failed miserably to fit my swim in, too much time was the problem! Finished work unexpectedly early today. So got home about 3pm, 4 hours b4 swim training started at my Tri club. Too much time to relax and eat and get lazy.
Ah well to late to worry about it now , so onwards and upwards tomorrow. Off work so have a busy day planned gardening, haircut shopping as well as my missed swim from tonight and 1 hour bike quick transition and 15 min run. Whew I`m just tired thinking about it. So early night (8.30pm) tonight so I can take advantage of a full day as opposed to dragging myself out of bed after 9am which is the norm on a day off.....over and out ... Dave

Monday, 14 December 2009

Some rest day!

Well according to my training schedule today should have been a rest day, hmm well not quite. Took advantage of an early finish at work and a valuable slice of daylight and got my long run of the week in. Great run 10.4 miles in the afternoon gloom and drizzle! Seriously though felt great averaging just over 8 min mile pace.
Actually arranged the run with a friend ( who I also happen to work with) last week, so the time flew by on the run, running with company makes the time go so much faster.
Took a bit of a suicidal route back along a main road which was far to busy to be safe, so armed with head torches and hi viz vests we ran the gauntlet, anyway the fact I`m writing this prove i survived the ordeal, but next time I think a bit more care is needed plotting out a route.
Absolutely bushed now, that nice sleepy relaxed contented feeling only a long run can produce so don`t envisage a problem sleeping tonight. Toodle doo all

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Well finished the week off with bike ride, 1 hour 50 min in total, I had planned a 2 hour bike but my out and back route didn`t quite end up being out and back, and on the way back somehow I inadvertently took a short cut home. Still not to worry totaled 10.5 hours training this week so really good week . A lovely morning chilly but the sun shining again, although it has clouded over now a bit (3pm).
The legs took a bit of warming up felt really sluggish for the first 5 or 6 miles, not sure if the run yesterday was responsible but after a while things got a little easier. Ah well better crack on with a few jobs a gotta do round the house and if I`m not going to eat junk at work tomorrow need to get down to supermarket before it closes.
May try to keep up the regular blogging, not sure if it`s a coincidence but this week been a lot more consistent with my training, after I commited to log my training each night on my blog.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Took advantage of a gorgeous winters afternoon and went for my run, wish I would have taken a camera, enjoyed my run managing 9.25 miles in my 1 hour 15 min run averaging just over 8 min mile pace...kept my heart rate in Zone 2 (between 140 and 160 bpm). My calves were a bit sore towards the end of the run but otherwise fairly pain free, I`ve had a minor strain in my right quadricep over the last few weeks still not quite right but I think it`s gradually getting better, and at the very least is getting no worse.
Really hoping for a nice day again tomorrow, so I can get on the bike for a two hour ride. Not sure I mentioned it in a previous post but a month or two a go, went to get properly fitted for my bike and get some aerobars fitted, although I`ve been on the trainer a few times with the new set up only been out once outdoors, so looking forward to getting some more miles in on my road bike. I seem to spend more time on my touring bike at the moment cause of the weather and the fact I can`t get a front light on my road bike now the tri bars are on. A decent helmet mounted light would be cool but funds are tight so that will have to wait.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Let myself down a bit last night, didn`t make it to the pool, I guess after finishing work just wanted to put my feet up and relax..hmm a bit lame I know.
Anyway on a positive note... today I`m back in the groove! 3K swim followed by 20 min row and 10 min stationary bike finishing off with 10 min elliptical trainer. Altogether about 2 hours.
Really pleased with my swim, split the 3k up in 400m with fins 400m with pull buoy... 800m freestyle. and then mixed up the rest between breaststroke and freestyle. 800m freestyle is double my best previous distance for front crawl so very happy.
Tomorrow have 1 hour 15min run planned, should be a nice day although forecast pretty cold.
The weather is definitely turning more wintry forecast highs of about 6 degrees C tomorrow.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hi there folks, Last day at work today woohoo!! (well until next week anyway) I work weird shifts and the last 9 days I`ve had to work 8 of them. So my life in the last 9 days seem to have just revolved around sleeping eating training and work. For my sins I work in a freezer warehouse helping Tescos make there billions selling frozen turkeys (as well lots of other junk!) to the world. Not sure how the -26c temperatures 11 hours a day affects my training but my best race times have come while I`ve worked here, but I think that`s more of a case of increased training and getting more "serious" about training , than about the job itself.
As mentioned in last post long swim planned tonight, decided to try and use my pull buoy tonight at least for half of the swim. My swim coach at the Tri club told me it mimics the feel of a wetsuit so thought I`d give it a go (plus my kick really sucks!! so good excuse not to use my legs..:-) )
Exciting times! ;-) the Outlaw triathlon (my A race next year) has just released some promotional gear for the race ie... hoodies hats t shirts etc. Couldn`t resist so have ordered a beanie hat with the outlaw logo on the front. wearing it everyday at work may just remind me not to slack on my training!
Ah well 6am suppose I`d better get my bike ready and head to work....Xmas dinner at work today so expect I`ll come home half a stone heavier than when set off..:-))
Well another productive day on the training front, 45 min bike HR zone 2 followed by 15 min run also zone 2 heart rate, took the long route home from work for the bike ride, felt really tough to be honest trying to keep my heart rate high enough my legs felt very tired, stopped about half way back just to take on a gel, which more by luck than judgement I`d stuck in my bike jacket pocket. Considering I was riding my heavy steel touring bike was pleased with my time covering the 11.7 miles in 44 min. I know it doesn`t seem so quick but with big chunky 26 inch wheels and fat tires with two bike panniers on the back it`s pretty slow going.
Next week though going to have to make sure I take a drink with me for this session especially if I try and fit it in straight after work again.
Ah well tomorrow back down to the pool...OH JOY!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Good day ....managed an hours run this morning before work, it mean`t an unearthly wake up call at 3.50a.m but once I got out had a really good run, managed about 7.5 miles all in all so didn`t set any records but pleased just to get out. I thought I`d suffer for it at work but felt pretty good all day despite the fact today I had a heavy day at work , lifting all day.
Tonight managed a swim at my Tri club, mainly drills probably about 1200 metres.
pretty bushed now so off to bed need some sleep!!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Good start to the week

Pleased with myself today, started the week off with 50 min commute bike ride, and more importantly a SWIM! I gotta admit if I miss sessions during the week it`s likely to be the swim, which is not great cause really that`s the one thing I can ill afford not to do.
So after a long hard day at work cycled to the gym and managed about 1800m, split into varying lengths of sets. In the pool just under 1 hour in the end. Front crawl coming on a bit better although still long way to go, technique still poor and still have to stick the odd breaststroke length in to get my breath back, but compared to where I was with it in the summer it`s showing vast improvement.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Finally back online..after a month in no mans land!..:-)

Woohoo.....finally I have my internet connection back!! I don`t no where to start so much been going on in the past month. Firstly my training is going ..hmm how do I put it?? a little hit and miss to be honest. My motivation seems to go from being sky high to rock bottom. I`m putting it down to the onset of the British winter long dark cold wet days. Roll on the spring!
Going to commit to writing a bit of something on my blog every day this week might encourage me not to slack and miss any sessions.
Just come back from a 1 hour run, managed 7.4 miles mainly in the dark along a canal towpath, made for an interesting run avoiding the puddles and trying not to experience open water swimming early than I anticipated! This week my training bumps up another hour 10 hours is the goal.
Really looking forward to catching up with the podcasts I listen too, hopefully they can give me a little inspiration.