Saturday, 3 July 2010

Still Alive... but race season down the swanny!

I know it`s been a long while, thought I`d better get a post out just to prove to you (and me for all that matter) that I`m still alive and kicking. Been a rough 6 month or so with injuries, which really has put paid to my plans for 2010. Back problems and shin splints the main two which have put paid to my bike training and running respectively for much of the year.
Although my Spring marathon and half and full Ironman have been cancelled, I have entered some races later in the year culminating with the Leicester marathon in October.
The year hasn`t been a total loss on the racing side managed to fit a 10km trail race in, a couple of weeks ago which was great fun. I`ll leave the race report till next post, hopefully bit sooner than 6 months!! :-) bye for now hope your training is going well...

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