Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I`m back!...(hmm must have been writers block.:-)) )

It`s been a while but thought I`d better get something down, not sure if it`s possible to have writers block when it comes to a boring training blog but that`s my excuse!..:-))
Since I`ve been back from Spain training has gone pretty well. Especially the weekend just gone. Friday managed 2400m freestyle in the pool no sets just straight off, probably about double the distance I`ve ever managed swimming front crawl.... okay still not fast but at just over an hour I won`t get disqualified for going to slow. The cut off time when you have to be out of the water is 2 hours at the Outlaw so at that sort of pace I should be safe. Anyway it was a great confidence booster but now I really have to work on getting faster by improving my technique.

On the Saturday the weather was good for mid January dry overcast not too cold and little wind, so took advantage, and did my longest ride this year and managed 70 miles, the last 20 felt pretty tough, took me about 4 hours 13min.

On the Sunday finished the weekend off with a 16.5 mile run average pace 7.28 min mile the middle 5 miles really pushed it and compared to my running in the last 3 months which has been all slow, this was definitely out of my comfort zone. But it was just one of those days where I felt great and just couldn't`t help myself.
On the downside my over exuberance has resulted in a recurrence of my shin splints, but I`m setting my goals higher for my marathon in April and going to try for qualification to London in 2011.
This week work has been pretty tiring, working 5 days this week instead of the normal 4 and four of these will be 12 hour shifts so training has been and is still proving to be a bit of a trial. day off tomorrow so really need to get down the pool and may cycle after although how far depends largely on the weather.... Happy training, The Galloping Gilli :-)

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