Sunday, 10 January 2010

A Lazy Weekend!

Decided it´s time to end my week long end of silence and and post, not quite sure where to go with this, the last week has been a bit barren on the training front. The really really cold weather combined with traveling to Spain to visit my Mum and Dad, have combined to put one very large spanner in the the works. On top of these maybe lame excuses my shins have been giving me problems on the run, and despite resting them for a week my one and only run this week (a 4km run on the treadmill) proved painful!
On a positive note did managed too fit 2 swims in last week some core work and a little bit of rowing on the concept2.
My travel plans to Spains were thrown into chaos on Friday, my train taking me to Birmingham International airport was a victim to points failure so basically just drove straight through the station on the wrong line as the would be passengers stared on in bewilderment! Anyway to cut a long story short the next train to arrive at the airport was just abit too close to my plane departure for comfort so my only real alternative was a Taxi. The taxi fare in the end cost me about the same as my return air ticket to Malaga and back! At least the plane departed on time and the flight was great.
I guess I should have expected it (knowing Spain a bit better now) but the pool I was going to use is closed for the winter and the gym which is about a mile away was shut just about all weekend. So this weekend as been one of decadence, wine nice food and feet up relaxing.
My training week start in earnest tomorrow with a long session in the gym it looks like they have at least a spinning bike and eliptical trainer at the gym, and hopfully sometime in the week I can get down to the pool (another one) and maybe even trust my shins enough to get out running.
It´s a pity I´m not fit enough to get out running at the moment as there are some stunning routes to take although all very hilly!
Monday afternoon now, bit of a delay getting this post. Well as promised found myself down the gym this morning only had an hour to workout before it closed for the afternoon siesta so just did 30min on the spinning bike and 15min on the eliptical trainer, finished the session up with a march back to the villa which is far from easy, uphill for about a mile.
I do feel a bit better for getting a workout in finally, and feel confident by wednesday of getting a run in.
Its been pretty cold here even snowed here yesterday which is very rare for this part of the world but today is a lot warmer with highs of 14c (57f).

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  1. enjoy your time of 'rest' SOunds like getting to workout done if as much work as the workout itself! Happy training!