Thursday, 14 January 2010

running inspired!

Absolutely fabulous run today, 9.88 miles of beautiful Spanish countryside, sun shining and temperatures of about 16/17ºc, ah it felt great to be out running again after a couple of weeks off, shins felt okayish and I just felt priviliged just to be able to get out and run. Actually went a bit further than anticipated and the last couple of miles felt it a bit.
The route was very hilly and steep in parts so proved a real challenge..guess I´m not used to the hilly stuff yet.
The good news is that The Outlaw looks like its going to be a pretty flat course, not that i really mind hills, but for my first IronMan I guess a flat course is ideal. My other Triathlon planned in 2010 is the Bala middle distance Tri in North Wales which is far from flat, so I´ll still have to get the hill work in.
At the moment my race calender for 2010 is looking something like this:

21st March Ashby 20 miler (preperation for marathon)
25th April Rotary Shakespeare Stratford on Avon Marathon
13th June Bala Middle Distance triathlon ( 2km swim 78.5 bike 20km run)
8th August Outlaw Triathlon Nottingham
probably rugby sprint distance tri organised by my local tri club sometime in Sept , may just help marshal it.
3rd October Loch ness Marathon

So 2010 is definitely my slow long year! looking further ahead, if I´m still in one piece then 2011 will be an attempt to qualify for london marathon 2012.

Anyway didn´t make it to the gym for my 2nd workout but thats okay I ran for nearly 1 hour 20 min so thats quite enough, still plan to get some core work stuff in before bed so guess I`d better sign out and crack on with it..... good luck with your training,... toodledoo

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