Sunday, 17 January 2010

Thirty minutes and it´s to the airport and back to the UK, lovely day today with highs of 21ºc.

Amazing run this morning along a track in the National park, although because it was out and back, basically ran 3.5 miles uphill then 3.5 miles back down again. Think I´ve tweeked a muscle in my calf but finished the run strong after having stop half way up to stretch it out.

The photo´s show a flavour of the run taken this morning at the same time by my dad as he was walking the dogs


  1. It looks just like Norfolk with all those hills.

  2. Get out of bed you lazy malingering sod.

    Hi dave how you diddlng looks like you had a nice holiday. Im off now for a bit so I'll see you went I get back. (24th of March) got to dig the sandles and shorts out from the back of the cupboard. We've penciled you in 8th August on Calendar. What about the following weekend for a gentle stroll on Hardians Wall? TTFN ps I am on Email now cheers