Saturday, 16 January 2010

Sad to leave

Back to the UK tomorrow, and it´s sad to leave Spain. I don´t see my mum and dad often enough so it´s always great to have the opportunity to visit. Also the weather here is glorious now and I know I´ll be going back to cold wet and windy weather. Lastly back to work on Tues and in for a couple of tough weeks at work having to make up my hours before the end of year.
On a positive note though had a great time in Spain probably drank too much wine and ate too much cake and too many biscuits but hey it takes a stronger man than me to resist my mums fruit cake!! Managed to fit my training in pretty well even with sore shins doesn´t take too much inspiration to get out running around here.
Next visit going to try and get my old slightly worn out mountain bike over here so I have access to a bike.
Yesterday took a rest day although in the evening did my press ups and crunches, today hit the gym with a vengeance doing a very hard hot and dull 1 hour session on the spinning bike then 30min weight training followed by a relaxed 20 min on the elliptical trainer.
I know i go on a bit about the state of my shins, and they are definitely quite sore today but determined tomorrow to get out and do an hours run up in the national park, walked up there a couple of days with my Dad and the dogs and it looks great running country a well maintained road/track nestled between the mountains, a definite must.

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