Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Training back on track (ish)

Still relaxing in sunny Spain, well to be honest it´s no that sunny but highs today of about 16c (61f) is truly balmy compared to the UK at the moment, has rained a bit here but hey you can´t have it all your own way in January.
The theme of the week is definitely one of unstructured training and really just trying to get some hours in, if I can get 8 hours training done by the end of the week I´ll be well chuffed.
Yesterday had a really good aerobic session down the gym, I may have pushed it harder than usual but not sure as I´ve left my heart rate monitor strap in England. Workout consisted of
20 min Spinning bike
30 min (6km) Treadmill
20 min Elliptical trainer
20 min Spinnning bike
20min (4km) Treadmill
Finished the workout with a run back home about a mile but all uphill and steep in parts.

Today managed to find the pool in Velez Malaga (about 20min drive from my Mum and Dad`s Villa). Lovely pool all laned off so easy to get the metres in. It was however pretty busy so had to be patient one or two people had absolutely no pool etiquette and one guy in particular who was even slower than me(which is saying something!!) just wouldn´t let me pass. Still nice to get back into the pool and swam for an hour.
Hopefully fit some core stuff in tonight, and tomorrow morning going to venture outdoors for my first run outside for about two weeks. All being well get to the gym tomorrow afternoon and get back on the spinning bike and may even do some strength training while I´m there. Hope every ones training is going well ... toodledoo , GG

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  1. good effort sticking with your training while on 'vacation' you are more disciplined than I am! enjoy the rest of your 'warm' weather visit! Cheers from -10 Canada!